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Accessories for your Gumnut

Enhance your camping experience with our premium accessories! Order them with your camper by filling out the quote forms on each camper’s page, or contact us to discuss package options to suit your new camper.

23ZERO Falcon Pro

The 23ZERO FALCON “Batwing” Awning is a must have accessory for your new Gumnut Pod camper. Easily setting up in minutes, its just about all you need to do to establish some campsite shade.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Falcon awning guarantees a seamless setup process, granting you instant shade and reliable protection from the elements. Featuring the acclaimed 23 Zero LST coating, unfurling the awning is a breeze, allowing you to create a serene and cozy haven effortlessly.

23ZERO Raven 2.5m

This Awnings is light and easy to use, giving shade and protection. Simply unroll canvas, adjust poles, and peg guy ropes down for quick and easy shade.

Straight out 2.5M shade, is also a great idea for adding to the drivers side of your camper, protecting both sides.


Camp Room

Attaching to your 2.5m Straight out Awning, the camp room creates a enclosure that offers privacy and protection. Simply loops to the awning and pegs down with rolling tent windows and zippered door way, Its a great way to retreat from the elemnets. Supplied seperate.

36Ltr Dual zone fridge

Another must have accessory. Dual zone fridge / freezer with blue tooth app monitoring.

Pre set your temperature and forget with ample storage for a full sized bottle of milk, fruit and veg, frozen pies, butter & yogurt. The optimized sized fridge to slide under the camp kitchen bench top.

Lithium Battery Upgrade

Upgrade your Gumnut campers house battery with a Lithium 100Amp/Hr battery. Lasting almost twice as long and reducing considerable weight the Lithium battery pack upgrade is worth it for those wanting to travel further and last longer. Supplied and fitted.

200W Portable Solar Panel

Make use of the suns free energy to keep your fridge cool, lights on and devices charged. Simply connect the solar panel to the Pod Campers Anderson lead to boost power back into your Battery system and enjoy the benifits of Off-Grid camping.

Track the suns direction to maximise charge while keeping your camper in the shade.

Sirocco Fan

12V silent 3 speed fan with omidirectional air flow. Great for those warmer days camping off grid, out bush giving a gentle stream of air within the cabin. Supplied & Fitted