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T’was the week before Christmas…

Summer is finally here and what better time to enjoy our local beach, Barwon Heads. I just love this place; with its friendly atmosphere, gentle swimming spots, iconic bridge and walking tracks.

And this time, with this trip, it’s a family event! So our campsite included a few extra chairs and the old faithful tent.

When the tide was out, the kids enjoyed the vast rock pools, spotting unusual sea creatures and exploring the open sand landscapes. When the tide was in, it was “grab your towel! We’re going for a swim!”

Our campsite was a gorgeous little nook with only a few steps away from the water’s edge. The native shrubs and trees provided shade for the late afternoon sun and wind break. Time just seemed irrelevant as the day’s were guided more by the tides of the ocean and this added to the relaxing time we had.

Once again our Gumnut teardrop camper was our home away from home, and provided all the comforts that made camping enjoyable for the entire family. Our little Gumnut teardrop had everything we all needed. From comfortable bedding, convenient lighting and shade. Not forgetting the important stuff; like somewhere to charge your phone and a cold fridge! For me, nothing beats being able to boil the billy for a morning coffee. Then just sitting back and watching the changing tides of the ocean. There was always something to do.

Like strolling into town for window shopping and a lunch time pie, a play in the park for the kids or a bush walking hike around the coastal sights from the Bluff. Or sometimes just doing nothing at all!

I’m really loving our small Gumnut camper. Everything’s all bundled up ready to go. It has all our gear stored away. The camper has all the features we need. And with no stress towing to get onsite. Even small beach nook campsites like we just experienced. It just says “yeah, lets go!

I recommend this campsite.

An easy to access caravan park that was close to the beach and small town. Everything is within walking distance, and enjoyable for the entire family.

  • Secluded camp sites
  • Clean toilet / shower facilities
  • Stunning beach / Swimming spot
  • Bush walks
  • Great food
  • Close to shops

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