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We’ve had our eye on this amazing river side camp site for a while!

With the idea of cramming in as much camping before the school holiday rush a sunny day forecast was all we needed! We made a quick decision to hitch up the Gumnut Camper once again.

About 5 minutes drive past the iconic town of Lorne VICTORIA is the Cumberland river holiday park. A scenic journey accompanied the inland route through the Otway forest or coastal drive via the world famous Great Ocean Road is this gorgeous patch of land and campsite. We recommend the coastal road, for the views, as long as you don’t mind winding roads and a few hair pin turns. The Gumnut camper towed so easily along the winding Great Ocean Road.


The view from our camp site did not disappoint! Majestic tall rock face ledge, mountain valley, peppered with gumtrees along side the picturesque

Cumberland river. Families of ducks waddle to the river and amongst the camp. The constant murmur and babbling of the river only occasionally broken by loud screeching of passing by flocks of white cockatoos.

This beautiful beach cove is within walking distance along the Cumberland river with a inlet stream joining the two.

The place where the river meets the sea is the perfect place for little ones to cool off and splash about without getting in the big ocean waves.

We arrived at lunch time and had the awning shade set up within minutes.

Then opening up the tail gate kitchen to prepare our nice picnic lunch to eat overlooking the river was also a breeze. We nature watched and planned our next activity.

Setting up was a breeze

Set up was so quick and easy. We also turned heads and got some comment from passers by. “Nice set up” one said.

It was super easy to position the camper onsite taking full advantage of the campsite, considering privacy and maximising the scenery. The generous Batwing awning took only minutes to set up and we were set giving us more time to enjoy the day ahead; swimming at the beach, exploring the nearby bush walking trails and cooling our feet off in the nearby stream.

Unlike our last trip, this one included the littlest member of the family, so long bush walks were out of the question for now. Although this site had some many trails to choose from!

Nearby bushwalking trails

  • Cumberland falls
  • Upper Kalimna falls ( via Lorne )
  • Sheoak falls ( via Lorne )

There was plenty family friendly activities for little ones. Ours enjoyed playing in the streams, digging in the beach sand and playing in the big playground in Lorne.

Camping with young children does bring a certain joys and challenges.

We did bring a colouring book and a set of headphones. Life saver! A a bowl of nibbles and an ABC kids listen story on the headphones and they’re set while mum and dad enjoy a cup of tea.

With daylight saving giving us extra hours of summer fun, we took the short drive into the town of Lorne for a bit of window shopping and take away Fish ‘n Chips. We found a spot on the beach to eat and went to the playground after.

We arrived back later in the evening ready to wind down, use the on site showers and retreat into the camper with the pink sky sun setting over the mountains. Turn on the crickets for ambiance and the quiet stream in the back ground.

Midnight Weather Change

It was around midnight when I began to hear the awning walls begin to flap.

An un forecasted shift in weather bought the rain and by 6am the wind had gusts of over 60k/hr. I pondered our next move as I sipped my morning coffee watching neighbours tents flex and bow in the crazy wind, and other caravan outdoor living gear get flipped upside down. This is when we made the decision to move on. We had enjoyed the best of the weather and now its time to go. Bit disappointed because there was more we wanted to do, but still gratefully for the fun day we had yesterday!

Pack up was a 10 minute task including hitching up, we said our goodbyes and promised we will return to this amazing campground at the Cumberland River Holiday park.

Recommending this campsite

A stunning spot nestled between coast, river and bush. Clean camp grounds with lawns, playgrounds and amenities block.

  • Scenic drive to location
  • Fire pits on site
  • Kiosk (they sell $5 kindling/ $20 firewood)
  • Clean showers and toilet blocks
  • Close to Lorne ( beach, shops & restaurants )
  • Beautiful wildlife and walking tracks
  • Booking via the Cumberland River Holiday park site

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