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Even with hail, severe weather and wind warnings, nothing was going to stop us going on this trip! As my wife says, “the sitter is booked, we’re going!”

The maiden voyage in the new Gumnut H1 Adventure camper will be testing us to the limits.

Located about 20mins drive inland from Airey’s inlet, nestled in the Otways national park is a the Hammonds Rd Campground.

Sites were reasonably sized with drop pit toilets and both open & secluded tenting areas. There was 4 drive in sites for camper trailers, motorhomes and roof top tent campers. We saw all these styles of vehicles represented at the campsite, so we weren’t the only ones crazy enough to be out in this weather!

On the 1 hour drive from Geelong we travelled on dirt and rocky roads steadily climbing into the ranges. Up high we could see in the distance looming heavy, dark clouds making us wonder what conditions were were going to face on arrival.

Along the road and amongst the trees the occasionally roo would hop into view! Truly making you feel a million miles away from civilisation.

Under Cover

Dressed in shorts, thongs and puffer jacket (Appropriate Queenslander winter attire) braving the ice winds and rain the Fox wing awning goes up. Took 5 or 10 mins to pull out and bang in the pegs.

The moment after the Fox wing was up we started to considering a hot cup of tea when we were hit with the first down pour. The site quickly turned to slush, but luckily we were sheltered. We opened the kitchen up and had a cup of hot tea and waited out the rain.

Out Came the Sunshine

By mid afternoon the clouds moved away and a break in the wind, which surprisingly wasn’t as bad as anticipated (maybe the forest surrounding created a partial wind barrier for us) but regardless this seemed to be the best time to go and explore. We unhitched the Gumnut Camper and drove away.

The Hammond Campground is more of a centrally located campsite with only a short and scenic drive to Distillery Creek bush walking trails and Airey’s inlet lookouts and nearby beaches. With daylight saving on our side we were able to take in all the sights. We both loved seeing the great white lighthouse and the line of the ocean horizon just stretch out forever. A pity the Horse Shed cafe was closed, but next time.

We squeezed in a short bush walk. There was a choice of the 1.5km track and the 10km track to the waterfalls. Vowing to come back one day to conquer the 10km, we set out on the mini track. Crossing over a bubbling brook and hearing the “thump” of kangaroos tails.

We certainly worked up an appetite! Our Gumnut Camper was there waiting for us as we returned hungry and tired. We opened up the kitchen and cooked our home brought chunky spaghetti sauce paired with angle hair pasta. Nothing beats a hot meal!

As the night darken and the wind, rain and cold air increased it was time to call it a night and snuggle up into the cosy cabin. My wife dressed in many layers like we were staying in a tent and soon found in a Gumnut Camper it’s not needed. The night was very cosy and warm and we listened to the rain and wind completely safe from it. The next morning was a simple pack up and we were off.

Recommending this campsite

Overall we found it a convenient site situated between coast and bushland, close enough for a short getaway trip with access to bush walking tracks and beach views.

  • Grated dirt & gravel road access
  • Fire pits ( weather permitting )
  • drop pit toilets
  • Drive to explore nearby attractions
  • Affordable camp site with bush surrounds
  • Be sure to book via the Parks Victoria website

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