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Maintenance & Service

To ensure your camper continues to run smoothly for years to come, it is important to keep your camper maintained regularly in the interests of safety and longevity. It is recommended to adhere to the service schedule set out in the warranty documentation for your Gumnut camper.

We can facilitate Australia wide support with the vast network of caravan repair agents. Maintenance & periodic servicing of your caravan is the responsibility of the registered owner and may void warranty if not followed as per supplied warranty documentation.

Warranty Claims

We endeavour to resolve your warranty concerns and repairs with priority and Australia wide back to base support with the vast amount of caravan repair agents throughout all states of Australia. Please complete & submit the opposite Warranty Claim form so one of our team members can make contact with you.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding of the current delays on parts and items alike.

Safe Travel Guide

The Gumnut Touring pod camper is designed to be light weight and suitable to sealed road usage. Therefore is NOT designed or warranted for “ Off-road* ” travel and may void warranty.

*Gumnut Campers considers” Off-road ” travel as the following;
Rocky terrain, mud and slippery surfaces, corrugated roads, uneven roads, rough dirt roads, high speed towing on both dirt and gravel roads or tracks, water crossings.

The Gumnut camper models are considered a Light weight camper, Therefor will be greater effected by environmental factors when towing such as wind, bumps in roads, unsealed surfaces. To prevent unnecessary wear and tear please consider the following recommendations.

Tyre Pressure: High tyre pressures will create more bounce and create harsh impact onto the entire camper. Lower tyre pressure will assist to absorb impact when towing.

Secure Loads: Loose heavy items will move about and potentially damage the camper when in travel. Please ensure items are secure and cupboards are latched correctly before travel.

Towing Speed: Speed has the greatest effect on how the camper will behave on the road. Reducing speed will regain control of unwanted sways and bounce. Maximum recomended travel speed 100Km / Hr

Lock doors / Hatches: Ensure all doors and hatches are locked correctly prior to towing to prevent unwanted damage or potential incident.

Regular Service Intervals: Servicing and regular maintenance is required for safe travel, be sure to check wheel nuts , tyre wear, wheel hubs, overall tightness and roadworthy before any journey. Recommended service intervals 3-6 months.

Battery Consumption: Be mind full to your battery charge. Once battery charge drops below 9Volts they can take considerable time to recharge or possibly kill the battery overall. Monitor voltage while in use for excess load and connect charger prior to voltage drop. Ideal Voltage 12.5Volts or higher.

240V Power: Your camper maybe fitted with a 240v power socket running directly via a 15amp 240v power supply extension cable. ( most caravan parks use 15amp plugs ). It is important to be mindful of devices used that be of threat in small cabin areas and appliances that produce heat and spark.

Awnings: Your camper maybe fitted with an Awning producing comfort and shade. Awnings can act as sails in high wind with causing possible injury with poles and ropes moving about in the wind. In both events of heavy rain and mild gusts of wind it is recommended to put the awning away to prevent such personal damage. Rain also needs to be considered to create water run off for both awning and camper.